LCPI Conducts a Peace and Conflict Assessment for the GIZ Somali Reintegration Programme

Local Capacities for Peace is consulting for GIZ for the project of reintegrating the Somalis in the Kenya Refugee camps back to their land.The civil war that has persisted in Somalia since the mid-1990s has prompted a huge wave of refugees, both within Somalia itself and in its neighbouring countries. Political, social and economic structures have been destroyed. This, combined with poor harvests, especially after the long drought of 2011, has left the population in a difficult situation in terms of food security. Livelihoods are precarious, not only for the returning refugees, but also for displaced people and local residents. The seriousness of this situation is reducing the already low willingness on the part of local people to take in more outsiders.The main objective is to ensure that the livelihoods have improved for returnees, internally displaced people and the local population in selected host communities in Somalia.The assignment also seeks to find out the impact of the reintegration project in Somali and specifically Kismayo (since that is where most of them are reintegrated to) on the local people also referred to as Host community and the Internally Displaced People (IDPs). LCPI had meetings with various stakeholders in the region including the regional ministers to seek information on the impact of the project that had already started and using the ‘Do No Harm’ as a tool for conflict sensitivity will be able to advice on the best approach that can be taken to continue with the project and as well reduce the causes of tension within the returnees and the rest of the communities in the region. Regarding the approach,the project supports selected communities in their efforts to reintegrate returning refugees and internally displaced people. It promotes greater food security for returnees, IDPs and local people, and it encourages local approaches to non-violent conflict transformation.


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