LCPI Conducts the First Edition of the Regional International Training (RIT) in Africa

The first edition of the Regional International Training (RIT) in Africa, organized by LCPI in collaboration with Kurve-Wustrow, took place in Kisumu, Kenya from November 23rd until December 11th 2015. The training was held on the premises of Tom Mboya Labour College and brought together 20 participants from 4 different countries, including Kenya, Burundi, Zanzibar and Sudan and trainers from Kenya, Germany and Sudan.
The RIT uses a participatory approach, which incorporates the participants’ insights and experiences in order to equip them with the tools they require to achieve sustainable results in their communities. The RIT also takes into account specific goals and interests and therefore, the focus of the training is determined by the participants themselves. For this RIT, the chosen topics included the following:

  • Human rights
  • Consensus decision-making
  • Conflict sensitivity & do-no-harm
  • Mediation
  • Anti-bias approach & anti-discrimination
  • Social media activism & networking
  • Digital security
  • Non-violent social movements & community organizing
  • Holistic security for activists

Role plays & group work

An important part of the training was group work and discussion rounds as well as role-plays. Participants were able to greatly enrich the discussions by giving examples of the situations and conflicts in their home countries and communities. One afternoon was dedicated to a presentation of the projects of the international participants from Burundi, Sudan and Zanzibar

Field trip & community activities

The training also included a field trip to Kibigori and Chemase in Kisumu county and Muhoroni in Kericho county. The main reasons for conflict in these areas range around border issues, land disputes and stock theft between the Luo and Nandi .

In Kibigori and Chemase, the RIT-team met with Representatives of Youth peace network, administrators and village elders from the Nandi & Luo Communities. In these areas, LCPI has done do-no-harm (DNH) & conflict sensitivity trainings with the sub-county peace committee & selected community members from both sides. The trainings have contributed to keeping the situation under control and maintain peace. People seemed to understand and try to incorporate the do-no-harm framework and conflict sensitivity principles in their daily lives but peace at the border is very fragile.

In Muhoroni, the RIT-team sat with village elders, women leaders, the area chief and assistant Chiefs as well as a business community representative to learn about the ongoing conflicts, ranging around land issues, stock theft and squatters.The RIT International participants contributed to the discussion by sharing experiences from their own countries. On December 10th, the International Human Rights Day, the RIT-team organized a tree-planting event at a nearby Kowino Health center, in Nyalenda.

All in all, the training was a success: the participants learned about new peace-building tools, made new connections and created a RIT network: the African Peace Movement under the stewardship of LCPI with the goal to establish a lasting and effective network between past and future RIT Africa participants.


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