LCPI conducts the second phase of the “Kenya Education Equity Project (Keep ii)”

The Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) is being implemented by LCPI together with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Windle International Kenya (WIK) in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps and the surrounding host communities in Garissa/Wajir and Turkana counties in northern Kenya.

The first phase of the Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP I) (2013-2017) worked to improve girls’ enrolment, attendance, and performance and demonstrated robust results at the endline evaluation stage. Girls’ enrolment increased significantly from 75.9% (2013) to 90% (2015) to 91% (2017) according to results of household surveys. KEEP I evaluations demonstrated that the more time the individual girls and the schools were exposed to KEEP inputs, the higher the completion rate.

At project end, 75.2 % of the original Class 5 cohort sat Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams to complete a full cycle of primary school.
The second phase of KEEP (KEEP II) is a five year project (April 1 2017 to March 31 2022) that aims to create the conditions for learning that will allow approximately 20,000 marginalized girls from Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps and the surrounding host communities to stay in school for as long as possible, attain at least functional literacy and numeracy, be safe and supported at school and at home, and make successful transitions at critical life stages.

KEEP II’s Theory of Change is centered on the premise that the ideal conditions for learning are created by mutually supportive relationships amongst and between the learner, the school, and the home. The degree of learner engagement is influenced by the strength of these relationships, and girls perform better in school when they are motivated to learn and take an active role in their own education. KEEP II will deliver targeted support to the learner, home, and school through a range of robust interventions, and will also leverage the power of community mobilizers to strengthen the collaboration between all three actors.

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