Millicent Otieno

Founder Member and Director, LCPI

Millicent Otieno is a Conflict Sensitive/Do No Harm practitioner with over fifteen years of experience in training on integrated multidisciplinary participatory approaches and practices; coordination of regional networks/learning groups, management and program development. She offers consultancy on Dialogue, Interfaith Relations (PB), Nonviolent Conflict Transformation, Mediation, Do No Harm, Evaluative Systems Thinking, Resiliency and Community Organization/Building. Other advisory services include and are not limited to motivation speaking on emergent systems and organizational development in refugee/host settings, devolved systems of governance and structures for effective, inclusive service provision. She is actively involved in global, regional, national and international activities focused on aid effectiveness, sexual and gender based violence prevention, advocacy for human rights – research, championing rights of girls and women affected by negative cultural practices as well as structural/violent conflicts, reflecting on effective peace practices, conflict sensitive reporting and peace journalism, media activism and trauma informed as well as mental wellness (individual and collective) interventions.