Mennonite Central Committee

Partnership with MCC has enabled LCPI to undertake Community conflict sensitive peace building and promotion of nonviolent alternative initiatives involving multi-stakeholder engagement and cross border dialogues. Pulling together by stakeholders/ partners on the ground such as World vision, Red Cross, NCCK Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and LCPI has strengthened the interaction between the members of different communities.

KURVE Wustrow

Practitioner Trainings for Nonviolent Conflict Transformation offered at Kurve Wustrow- the centre for training and networking in non violent action has sponsored members of LCPI, its affiliates- task team members, community leaders, the media practitioners and the Government officials to undergo training in Germany. The trainers facilitate the learning process and model a nonviolent approach to learning.

Mediators Beyond Borders International

Community mobilization forum to address conflict in the north rift related to cattle rustling and water shortages. The target points were Marigat, Samburu, Laikipia and Nakuru.  This project is supported by USIP and works with professionals from those areas seeking to promote peaceful co-existence by engaging with their communities through cross border activities’ intercommunity activities.

Peace Building and Conflict Management, PBCM Directorate

The Directorate of Peace Building and Conflict Management, PBCM formerly under the Ministry of Interior and coordination of National Government is an inter-agency body bringing together civil society and other government bodies with the Office of the President. The PBCM directorate coordinates peace building and conflict management as well as early warning and early response initiatives in Kenya.