Size of the SHGs
Members from pilot phase are 90 while those from 1st quarter of expansion are 135. Quarter
two of the expansion phase has 138 members while those from the third quarter are130. The
number members from the fourth quarter stands at 50 making the total number of members
in all the 33 SHGs 543.

Some pictorial representation of the LCPI’s Self Help Group Activities in Kisumu County

Fig 1: Slow but sure SHG meeting (Mau)

Fig 2: Chako Chon Ber SHG meeting (Kapiyo)

Fig 3: Tang Chon Ber SHG in village 1

Fig 4: Upendo SHG meeting (Kolal)

Fig.5: The PM attending Great Women SHG meeting, village 3

Fig. 6 Komega SHG weekly meeting in village 3

Fig.7: KNH Regional Mentor addressing the SHG members

Fig.8: Etienne from NCO Rwanda sharing insights

Fig.9: Sheila from the NCO Kenya addressing the SHG members

Fig. 10: Facilitation of the SHG Self- Assessment

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